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Planning your Kitchen from A-Z

Planning and executing kitchens in environments as diverse as bars, cruise ships, food processing factories, restaurants, villas and palaces, Al Halabi has become renowned for its creativity, financial stability, safety and uncommon expertise. Customers know that one good idea from Al Halabi can save them both time and money.

With the ability to project manage kitchens anywhere in the Middle East and Africa, Al-Halabi routinely proposes suggestions to improve quality, expedite the completion and provide the best value for the customer.

This begins with visiting the site to take necessary measurements and gather additional information, such as the location and suitability of electrical points, the water supply, and the actual size and shape of the space being utilised. From this, Al-Halabi is able to give customers a good idea of what the finished kitchen will look like.

This information is then passed on to the design and engineering departments, with a production contract being drawn up alongside drawings that provide the layout, warranty, payment schedule and delivery date. Everything is completely transparent; there are no unexpected surprises when you deal with Al-Halabi.

Although projects are becoming increasingly complex, Al-Halabi goes to great lengths to simplify the entire design, manufacture and installation procedure for all of its valued customers.