Al Halabi

Butchery Shops

At Al Halabi, we understand that professional butchers need high-quality tools and equipment, and that is why we have made it our mission to provide these high-quality pieces of essential catering apparatus, from display equipment through to cold storage, with unrivalled service and at competitive prices.

We understand the unique requirements and hygiene standards that are essential in butcher shop operations. That’s why our equipment solutions are designed to meet international standard specifications and hygiene requirements.

When it comes to butcher shops, we offer a comprehensive range of equipment tailored to the specific needs of the industry.

Our butcher shop equipment solutions include:

  1. Meat processing equipment: We provide meat grinders, meat slicers, bone saws and tenderizers to facilitate efficient and precise meat processing.
  2. Cold storage solutions: We offer cold room chillers and freezers designed to maintain optimal temperatures for storing and preserving meat products.
  3. Display and merchandising equipment: We provide meat display units, refrigerated meat showcases and deli counters to showcase and present meat products attractively.
  4. Food safety and hygiene equipment: Our range includes stainless steel worktables, sinks and cutting boards that comply with hygiene regulations and facilitate easy cleaning and sanitation.
  5. Refrigeration systems: We supply refrigeration equipment such as meat chillers and blast freezers to ensure proper storage and preservation of meat products.

Our team of experts can assist you in designing the layout of your butcher shop, selecting the appropriate equipment, and providing installation and maintenance services for everything from meat slicers to cold storage.

With Al Halabi as your commercial kitchen equipment supplier, you can be confident in meeting the hygiene and quality standards necessary for a successful butcher shop operation. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial kitchen equipment solutions for butcher shops.