Al Halabi

Kitchen Maintenance and Repair Service

Whether you operate in hospitality or the food service industry, your commercial kitchen is the foundation of your business. Properly maintained equipment is critical for avoiding breakdowns, reducing downtime, and enhancing productivity. That is why Al Halabi’s professional kitchen maintenance and repair service can be such a vital component in your company’s strategic planning.

Everything in a commercial kitchen must be in top working order and, from the freezer and dishwasher to the combination oven and food processor, our highly trained staff have just one objective in mind – to extend the life of your equipment and ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently at all times.

We are proud of the time and resources we extend to the maintenance, repair, supply and installation of every single item, whether it be toasters, waffle makers and other small tabletop gadgets or larger appliances such as the bain-marie grill, blast chiller, and conveyor dishwasher.

Preventative Kitchen Maintenance

Well-maintained commercial kitchen equipment reduces the possibility of equipment breaking down or becoming less effective over time, both of which can result in significant delays in service times. Regular cleaning and maintenance, as well as equipment repair, are essential to keeping a kitchen running optimally, while also reducing the risk of fire, accidents and the spread of bacteria, thereby protecting the health and safety of all your customers and employees. Long term, you will likely see an improvement in production and an overall reduction in energy costs.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist in the maintenance of your exhaust system and your cooking, chilling, and washing equipment to ensure that your commercial kitchen continues to work as efficiently as possible.