Al Halabi

Custom Fabrication

Al Halabi’s extensive facilities are focused on manufacturing stainless steel, custom-made kitchen equipment to the very highest quality standards, using only the finest materials and accessories.

The company has 50 years of experience in customising any type or design of kitchen, with a passion and desire for ongoing evolution that sets it apart. That is why, committed to retaining its position at the forefront of what is a fiercely competitive sector, Al Halabi insists upon the latest manufacturing technologies in order to provide customers with the very best in quality, design and form.

Dedicated to making every kitchen look and perform like a masterpiece of its kind, Al Halabi’s quality control department is focused not only on product and service quality but also on the means to achieve it, thereby ensuring that all quality standards and specifications of fabricated stainless steel products are met or exceeded.

Al Halabi offers a variety of product ranges, taking in everything from ovens, refrigeration, hoods and preparation tables through to sinks, cold rooms and bakery equipment, all in line with the exacting requirements of five-star hotel specifications and international consultants. With the experience and expertise to be able to offer both complicated designs and standard kitchens, Al Halabi has the flexibility to match any custom-fabricated requirements.

Equipment Design Engineering

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Quality Control