Al Halabi


Al Halabi excels in providing custom-made solutions to a diverse range of clients looking for high-quality bakery equipment, from the small independent artisan baker to the large retail chains and shopping malls. As a specialised supplier and custom fabricator of commercial kitchen equipment for bakeries, we understand the unique requirements of bakery operations and the importance of first-class equipment and display units.

Our bakery equipment solutions include:

  1. Baking ovens, including deck ovens, convection ovens and rotary ovens
  2. Dough mixers and sheeters
  3. Proofing cabinets and retarder proofers
  4. Bread slicers and dough dividers
  5. Pastry display cases and refrigerated showcases
  6. Customised stainless steel counters, workstations and storage solutions
  7. Display shelves and racks for bread and pastry products
  8. Cake decorating equipment and display units

We work closely with bakery owners and operators to understand their specific needs for bakery equipment and create custom solutions that optimise workflow and enhance product display. Al Halabi has extensive expertise in fabricating stainless steel equipment to ensure durability and ease of maintenance.

We understand that the visual presentation of bakery products is crucial for attracting customers. Therefore, we offer customised designs for display units that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Our team can create unique stainless steel designs that reflect the branding and ambiance of the bakery.

From the initial design phase to equipment fabrication, installation and ongoing support, Al Halabi provides comprehensive solutions for bakery kitchens. We are committed to helping our clients succeed in their baking operations by delivering high-quality bakery equipment that meets their specific requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial kitchen equipment and custom fabrication solutions for bakeries.