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Procuring a new commercial kitchen can be a daunting task, which is why Al Halabi provides a full design and consultancy service to guide you.

We challenge the perceptions of commercial kitchen design, with our award-winning experience contributing to the creation of kitchens that are more efficient, boost team wellbeing and reduce energy consumption.

Al Halabi works directly with owners, chefs, major corporate clients, consultants and architects to design commercial kitchen solutions and provide full turnkey installations. This includes detailed shop drawings for all equipment so that they can be approved before going to the fabrication facility. Moreover, Al Halabi has the expertise and commitment to match the specific requirements of malls and consultants, thus saving considerable time in layout rejections and modification.

Our experienced designers have the skills and know-how to create ergonomic, efficient and well-planned kitchens to customers’ specific requirements, offering unique expertise in calculating the space needed to match individual menu prerequisites and the number of meals to be cooked and served. We match international standards of kitchen design and provide professional CAD designs and very detailed MEP drawings, as well as power and energy calculations.

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