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Our Factory


The Ideas Factory...

Al-Halabi’s production facilities are renowned for their precision engineering and unsurpassed craftsmanship.

Offering total solutions all under one roof, the company’s modern factory has steadily grown over the years to reach maximum production and maximum efficiency. This has been fuelled by the systems and procedures Al-Halabi has put in place, including different sectors all operating with their own supervisors.

What this means is that products and components are manufactured in separate, designated areas by multi-skilled teams. Each team is responsible for a specific product and process, including quality control and health and safety. This method of production has many benefits, including efficiency improvements due to increased motivation (team spirit and added responsibility given to different sectors) and workers sharing their skills and expertise. This and the company’s 20 high-tech production lines mean that from receipt of order through to completed product delivery, Al-Halabi tracks the progress of manufacture every step of the way, ensuring that production and delivery schedules are met.

Working with international standards, Al-Halabi brings its experience and commitment to quality to bear on every order:

  • The company manufactures on state-of-the-art equipment using the most highly developed and sophisticated production processes in the industry.
  • The facilities meet current international standards and regulations, plus hygiene and safety requirements.
  • By way of an extensive technology base, Al-Halabi can deliver solutions that meet specific and individual client needs.